XK 120-140 Brake Kits


For anyone raised on more modern machinery, the braking ability -- or lack thereof -- of an XK-120 or XK-140 can be a real eye-opener, and not in a good way. That's why we've developed a kit to install what are essentially XK-150 front disc brakes one an XK-120 or XK-140 (wire wheel cars only). The difference in braking ability is tremendous and the kit is totally "bolt-on" with no permanent modifications required. The kit includes new splined hubs and brake rotors, refurbished caliper housings, new caliper piston assemblies, caliper adaptor brackets, hoses, brake pads, wheel bearings and seals and all hardware. The customer must fabricate the hydraulic lines between the master cylinder to the flex line. For all XK-120 (single or dual master cylinder) and XK-140.

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XK 120-140 Brake Disc Kit

Part Number 06-0031

$2,349.95 each

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